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Liege-Killer (Paratwa, 1) - Christopher Hinz

I am stopping briefly to make some good book noise. I'm actually kind of nervous. Is it possible for this book to continue to be good all the way to the end? Could I really be that lucky?


I decided I was in the mood for sci-fi, and Freading had this in their Space Opera section. At 4 tokens, it's the most expensive Freading e-book I've checked out so far, but it's been worth it. The rest of the trilogy is also 4 tokens each, and I've been mentally planning out my future checkouts, assuming Liege-Killer continues to be this good.


Some things:


- The overall world is very interesting, but some aspects and the way they were written about struck me as being a little dated. I'm not sure what elements, exactly, gave me that impression. Maybe the "science is bad and should be tightly regulated" parts? Anyway, I checked, and I was right. This was originally published in 1987.


- I suppose you could call this science fiction suspense. Hidden traitors, shadow plans, political maneuvering - I can't wait to see where this is all going.


- The reviews I've looked at say this book is very violent. So far, there have only been occasional bursts of violence - lots of deaths (including animals), but not very graphically described (although maybe I am jaded?). Also, no one the author has even vaguely made readers care about has died. I wonder if this will hold all the way through?


- Only one of the main characters is a woman, but I like her. She isn't stupid, and she seems pretty tough. Unfortunately, her 12-year-old son annoys me to no end.