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A Lot Like A Lady - Kay Springsteen, Kim   Bowman

I'm not sure where I got this from, since it no longer seems to be available digitally anywhere. The author doesn't even have a buy link for it on her site, as far as I can see (ETA: Kay Springsteen has nothing, and Kim Bowman has a link that doesn't work).


Not that anyone is missing out on much. I vaguely remember getting this because it looked like a light, fluffy, fun read. Except the characters are so incredibly dense. Juliet, the heroine, is "best friends" with Annabella, even though Annabella is horrible (Annabella bit Grey, the hero, when she was 11 and hasn't improved much since then). Grey's attraction to Juliet seems to be entirely separate from his brain. He first became attracted to her when he thought she was his horrible stepsister, and he continues to be attracted to her now that he suspects Juliet has taken Annabella's place. Juliet could be a con artist for all he knows, but that's okay because she has lovely eyes.


The main reason I was looking this up in online stores was because I wanted to reassure myself I didn't spend a lot on it. I really hope I didn't. Maybe it was a 99 cent book?