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Queen of Roses - Elizabeth McCoy

In this world, artificial intelligences can become free once they pay off their indenture-debt, assuming they can find good jobs and aren't forced to pay for their own upgrades too often. The main character, Sarafina, is an accountant AI whose bank was bought out. She signs a contract to work on a ship. To her horror, her new job will involve actually interacting with biologicals (aka humans).


I had seen this before but passed it by because the cover image wasn't very appealing. Then I read a review that mentioned "the main character is an artificial intelligence" and "comedy of manners," read a few pages of the excerpt, and decided to give it a shot. I'm crossing my fingers that this one turns out to be good. I like AIs, although I'm having a hard time recalling the last book I read that had one as a main character. Body Electric by Susan Squires? Or maybe Donna Andrews' Turing Hopper books. It's been a while...