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Like a Love Comedy - Aki Morimoto, Yutta Narumi, Kelly Quine

I have tomorrow off, so I figured I'd dig into one of my "this is probably bad but I want to try it anyway" books.


This starts off with Biwa, a Japanese guy who's spent most of his life in America and hopes to one day be a screenwriter for an American TV show. He has learned that his production team will be working on a detective show starring a Japanese actor as the lead. A Japanese actor who can't even speak English, who seems to be completely full of himself, and who thinks getting a part on any TV show, whether Japanese or American, is easy. Finally, Biwa can't take it anymore:

“Let me fill you in on something, bud. I'm no fan of yours. Maybe you've forgotten already, but when you ran into me in the lobby, my only thought was: Who the hell is that? You may be hot stuff over there, but here, nobody's ever heard of you. The average American knows Masi Oka and Ken Watanabe. And probably George Takei and Pat Morita. He might recognize Sonny Chiba and Takeshi Kitano. And maybe he remembers Toshiro Mifune. That's it. And while we're at it, just because you're famous on your little fishbowl of an island, pumping out shitty little dramas, you think every Japanese in spitting distance is your fan? What a moron.” (37)

This was me: O_O


Biwa maybe isn't the smartest guy around (OMG, he can't get fired yet, there are still 100 pages to go), but at least he's not a doormat. Right?