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Book shopping

Tokyo Babylon Omnibus Book One - CLAMP, Carl Gustav Horn Caught! (The Shamwell Tales) - J.L. Merrow

I haven't done much book shopping lately, although I have a few I'm planning to get in one dizzying shopping spree soon. But I haven't not been shopping either...


Tokyo Babylon Omnibus Book One - CLAMP,Carl Gustav Horn - I found this on ♪ sale ♪! I've never actually read this series before, but I've enjoyed most of CLAMP's stuff in the past. The bit on the back, "the prequel to X," put me off, because X is one of CLAMP's most confusing works for me (pretty enough, but I had no idea what was going on). Still, sale. And I got it for three dollars cheaper than even the sale price marked on the book.


Caught! (The Shamwell Tales) - JL Merrow - The excerpt made me laugh, and I loved the one novella of Merrow's that I've read. On the minus side, getting a working version of this file has been hard. The first time I tried to download it, the file was corrupt. Both the epub and mobi versions. Then the file customer service sent me said it was DRM-protected. They sent me another one, and that one finally worked fine. I have no clue what was up with the other ones - I've never had issues with buying stuff from Samhain before.


And that's it for now.