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"Don't fail me now, paleolithic homing instinct!"

My pre-order of the Hatoful Boyfriend game unlocked yesterday. I've played it through once so far. I had intended to aim for the shy, depressed book-lover and accidentally got an ending with the narcoleptic math teacher instead. Oops. I'm pretty terrible at these kinds of games.


I'll have to see how well subsequent play-throughs go, but right now it's not bad. I think the game takes place in some kind of post-apocalyptic world in which intelligent birds have taken over. My first play-through gave me a couple documents, one of which mentioned influenza and choosing someone (to attend the school?) who had a high immunity. The main character is the only human in the entire game. She lives in a cave and refers to herself as a hunter-gatherer. When she went for a walk, she passed by a bunch of ruined skyscrapers.


Which sounds a little dark, except the main character has a pretty positive outlook on everything, and the actual gameplay is just focused on everyday stuff like interacting with students and teachers and going to class. Certain characters, like the math teacher and the school doctor, seem to have darker routes than others, although it's possible that the routes that look to me like they might be lighter could turn out to have hidden drama. Well, maybe not Okosan's route. Okosan is the game's doofus. Even his human representation is a pigeon, and, when you first meet him, he is beating up a pudding.


I wonder how many play-throughs I'll be able to manage before I break down and look for walkthroughs?


Oh, one interesting tidbit: one of the locations in the game actually exists in real life. There really is a bird-themed cafe in Japan.