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The Last Firewall - William Hertling

This is the third book in a trilogy (series?). I picked it up when it was free and haven't read the other two. I'm trying to decide whether I should quit now, buy the first book and start there instead. I've seen at least one review that says you could technically start with any one of the three books, but I'm already seeing stuff that I know, from the books' descriptions, refers to the previous two books. At the same time, though, it does seem like the author is doing a good job getting new readers like me up to speed (maybe it would be too infodumpy for those who read the previous two books, though?).


Meh, I'll probably just keep reading. So far, this seems more plot-focused than character-focused, and it's tough to say whether I'll want to read the other books in the trilogy.


From what I've been able to piece together, each book takes place at a different point in the history of humans and AI. Book 1 has a big breakthrough in artificial intelligence. I think Book 2 is when the AI war happens. Here, in Book 3, human-AI relations are more stable, but with underlying cracks. Protest groups want AIs gone, and a rogue AI may be killing humans.


This bit made me think of a certain someone:

Attacking helpless robots, bound by ethical restrictions that made it impossible for them to defend themselves, made her sick. (15)


FYI, because I know Grim will want to know: So far there's been one instance of on-page violence towards a robot. Sorry, Grim. :(